Add an Outdoor Fireplace to Your Patio or Backyard
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Add an Outdoor Fireplace to Your Patio or Backyard

Pool parties, barbeque parties and family weekend parties can all be made more warm, inviting, and memorable with a well-selected and properly maintained outdoor fireplace.

A fireplace is a symbol of warmth and can add appeal to the place where it’s been placed. With recent technological advancements availability of safe and convenient fuel options, the market is flooded with good options which are environment-friendly and durable also when compared with conventional furnaces, stone fireplaces or woodstoves.

Outdoor fireplaces

Generally, when you wish to enjoy a campfire, you also need to go to camping - which requires an adventurous streak indeed! You can do a campfire at home, but you run the risk of leaving a big crater spot where you burned your fire.

There are mainly two types of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and chimneys. Both varieties of fireplaces are dependent on the wood-burning and gas-consuming adaption. The fire pits and chimneys differ mainly on the design pattern and nature of fuel consumption.

Pros of outdoor fireplace

  • It may add up an aesthetic value of a real-fire smell and a person can enjoy leisure time with family and friends in a favorite portico or at backyard.
  • Outdoor fireplaces are the best option left with the persons living in an area where placing enclosed fire is not permissible legally.

Cons of outdoor fireplace

  • Foremost factor being the safety and hazards related with the outdoor fireplace. You should check with their local fire department to see what fire codes exist in your area. Fire codes could dictate how close the fire place can be placed to walls, decks and home, as well as what type of construction materials are acceptable for outdoor fireplaces. Always have a fire extinguisher or water source available when using it and never leave a fire unattended.
  • Maintenance is another such factor which needs to taken care of any type of outdoor fireplaces like, stone, and metal. . Metal chimneys are also tougher than clay versions, especially in cooler climates. Iron ones needs to be guarded against rusting. Cast iron have a corrosive tendency so it may harm the adjoin surfaces or walls.
  • Smoke hazard, if a fireplace is without chimney it is bound to harm the health and will hover around the head of a guests. The shape of chimneys allows it draw fresh air into the fire but then directs any smoke or fumes away from it. This insures that a gust of wind won't blow smoke into your eyes.


Chimneys usually have bottle-shaped neck design and on the top of design, a chimney is usually placed. its consumes timber as a basic burning material and the smoke is vent out through the nozzle upwards on the rooftop or placed at rear end for exit of such residue smoke. Chimneys are mostly use at residential premises, industrial use and locomotive chimneys.

The main drawbacks of chimneys being that it may develop deposits of creosote on adjoin walls when timber is used as a basic burning fuel. In brick chimney, a peculiar problem of splaying of bricks may persist owing to moisture seepage into the bricks and then freezes making bricks crack and may loosen up the mortar seals. Nowadays metal based chimneys are also available in a market which is being touted as innovative way to rescue the odds of masonry or brick chimneys. These looks trendy and can add glamour to the place where it been installed.

It’s also advisable to go for the regular sweeping of the chimneys. Glass chimneys, metal (aluminum, copper and cast iron), and stone or brick chimney.

Fire pits

Fire pits are simply raised campfires and come in varieties of designs and finishes. Fire pits adds rustic appeal to the landscape. Fire pits cannot be used on the wooden deck as to would damage it.

Some things to think about in selecting a fire pit:

  • Select the fire pits with low sitting pattern and with sturdy legs.
  • A fire pit is light in weight and if the legs of fire pits or support base are not strong enough it may tip off from the place.
  • Fire screens also come as accessories which help to protect from any flying sparks from the fire pit

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Traveling is too expensive these days! It’s great to see these kinds of tips - we all need ways to relax and get away, without all the extra hassle and cost of vacations. Keep up the good work!

Traveling is too expensive these days! It’s great to see these kinds of tips - we all need ways to relax and get away, without all the extra hassle and cost of vacations. Keep up the good work!


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This would be really nice to have outside.