Selling Your Home - Upgrade Your Deck
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Selling Your Home - Upgrade Your Deck

If you're selling your home during the cooler weather, great staging and decorative upgrades like, railing and ornamental balusters, and a little coat of paint, will help potential buyers see the appeal of your outdoor deck area. An upgraded deck makes a world of difference in curb appeal of your own home and your neighborhood.

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to face the challenge of trying to sell a house when there's snow on the ground and the trees are bare. In reality, people have to sell and buy homes throughout the year.

While winter may not be the optimum season to showcase your landscaping, there is one improvement you can make that will help you boost your home's outdoor appeal no matter what the season: a deck.

When potential buyers visit your home in winter, they might not be able to envision how green and lovely your backyard will look come spring. But they will be able to see with their own eyes the square footage that a deck adds to the home's living space.

Decks, patios, sunroom and porches have always been popular with home buyers, but real estate agents say that too often those spaces are neglected or not used to their best advantage. Yet outdoor improvements like a deck can significantly enhance your home's value and appeal. In fact, at the time of resale, a deck will recoup, on average about 75% of the original cost of building it.

Anything that adds living space adds value, and the least expensive way to gain space is to build a deck or turn the one you have into an outdoor room by staging it so that it flows seamlessly with the rest of the house. A great deck can set your home apart from others with same interior floor plan or square footage, and deck additions typically add value when it comes time to sell.

The cooler temperatures of fall and early winter make the season a great time to add a deck to your home. Or, if you already have a deck, you can enhance its appeal by adding simple touches and accessories.

A bonus space - for example, a tiny deck or rarely used balcony off a master bedroom can be transformed into a romantic getaway by staging it with cozy, cushioned seating and a raised firepit. You can safeguard your deck and add designer style with Latitude deck stones, 16-inch interlocking square tiles made of natural slate or granite. Deck stones can provide an effective fire barrier that's an asset under firepits or grills, or when used to create an outdoor kitchen.

Lighting is another way to boost appeal. LED deck lighting kits, are both practical and visually appealing. Adding lighting to a deck can be an important safety feature, and also helps create a warm, welcoming mood for evening entertaining.

Another improvement that speaks to both safety and visual appeal are deck railings. Decorative railings with ornate balusters, post cap and post covers can give virtually any wood or composite lumber deck a distinctive look for a modest investment.

More than ever before, people look at their decks as outdoor entertainment areas. For some, it's a kitchen; for others, a living room. Decks can be party spaces or quiet retreats. With so many different types of deck materials, lighting, rail systems and decorative accents, it's possible to turn a plain deck into a great outdoor space. Potential home buyers always react positively to nice decks that look like a great place to have quality time with family and friends. And to entertain as well.

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I am going to redo my deck and ran across your wealth of info to entice me to do my deck work for sure. I am no longer getting factoidz emails of my favorite authors, so I have to investigate to find articles written by others that I like commenting and voting on. Please leave me a comment so I can return the favor without too much trouble until Factoidz fixes my problem.Thank you.

Interesting tips to ponder. THANKS...